General Knowledge of Cleaning and Maintenance of Duvets

The filling of down jackets and duvets is mainly down. weighted blanket for adults, 60”x80” 15lbs, 100% Breatehable Cotton. Growing in the abdomen of geese and ducks, the fluff of the flower-like shape of the reed is the down, and the feathers that grow on the surface are called feathers.

Down is an animal protein fiber that is more insulating than plant fibers such as cotton. The downhole spherical fibers are densely covered with tens of millions of triangular small pores, which can shrink and expand with the change of temperature, duvets covers on sale and produce a temperature regulating function, which can absorb the hot air flowing from the human body and isolate the cold air from invading.

Advantages of Duvet

  • Gentle and warm: There is no natural material in the world that exceeds the warmth of down. Plus the down is full of elasticity, so the duvet is not only gentle and warm, but also feels good!
  • Moisture absorbing and venting: The duvet is breathable and dry, and has good moisture-absorbing and diverging properties that other warm materials do not have. Therefore, the duvet is called “the quilt that can breathe.” Covered with a duvet, people’s central nervous system can be stabilized, and soon enter a sweet dream, so it also has a certain effect on beauty.
  • When the human body is in a sleep state, about 170 cc of water is discharged every night. Generally, it will accumulate too much water soon after being used, and it will become a breeding ground for germs, causing skin discomfort. buy weighted blanket canada. Because there are thousands of breathable pores in the down fiber and the surface layer contains waterproof grease, it can automatically shrink or expand with the change of outside temperature and humidity. It can quickly absorb the sweat and moisture of the human body and quickly disperse, keeping the quilt clean and dry. Long-term use can also prevent the occurrence of rheumatism.
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Maintenance of Duvet

  • Cover the quilt when using it. If it has been smeared, the duvet should be sent to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.
  • The fabric of the duvet is treated with anti-velvet, and a little gap will also be used to drill down, so be careful when using it to avoid sharp objects piercing the quilt.
  • Choose a cloudless sunny day and hang the quilt in a well-ventilated place with no direct sunlight. The best time is from 10 am to 3 pm.

Washing Steps for Down Duvets

Many people will ask how to wash duvets? The best way to wash your duvets and Canada Goose down jackets is below:

  1. When cleaning cotton fabrics, detergent such as washing powder (do not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients) should be placed in water. After it is completely dissolved, put it into cotton fabric.
  2. Generally, the soaking time is no more than half an hour, and the water temperature during cleaning generally does not exceed 40 degrees.
  3. When cleaning, light-colored products should be washed separately from dark products to avoid staining.
  4. When drying the quilt, it is best to choose a place with ventilation and no direct sunlight. The best time is from 10 am to 3 pm. It is best to remove the quilt when drying.
  5. For quilts with laces, pendants, etc. You must remove the decorations and then wash them.