Best Place to Choose Top Brands Sunglasses, All Trends 2018

When the weather comes back, the sunglasses are the accessory on which you can’t go dead. Decoding trends fashion to follow in the field of sunglasses spring-summer 2018.

Cheap Oakley Sunglasses: Safe values

Sunglasses Wayfarer are the perfect example of timeless accessories that you can afford to wear and re-wear every time the beautiful days come back. Other safe values, cheap oakleys on sale, pilot goggles. Launched by Ray-ban, its now cult models are now offered by many brands. They also come in many shades.

The retro frames of size XXL or butterfly shape have become basic in the solar beam.

Sunglasses adapted to the morphology of the face

To fit well with your face: The sunglasses must be adapted to the shape of your face and so be in agreement with the parts you want to put forward or reverse, lessen. cheap oakley sunglasses for sale. If you have a round face, you can accentuate this feature with a frame of the same shape. On the contrary, to correct your proportions, rather put on geometric shapes, angular and stretched.

Oakley FEEDBACK Aviator Sunglasses

Thanks to their balanced proportions, oval faces can afford all the styles of sunglasses, classic or original. It is your personality that will determine the solar you will have to wear: the rectangular frames underline the rigorous characters while the round glasses give a more youthful side.

It is advisable for faces of square, rectangular or elongated shapes to favour the sunglasses with oval frames. They soften your face.

The faces of triangular shape can play on the color and the details of the mount. fake oakleys holbrook. A face in the shape of an inverted triangle is valued by sunglasses with light shades, and to the discreet mount (so avoid extravagant frames such as fly or butterfly format).

  • Oakley Men’s Holbrook (asia Fit) Sunglasses Gray One Size
  • Oakley Men’s Holbrook Motegi Motogp Limited Edition Sunglasses Gray One Size
  • Oakley Men’s Straightlink Sunglasses Gray One Size
  • Oakley Men’s Sliver Square Sunglasses at Nordstrom Rack – Mens Sunglasses & Eyewear
  • Oakley Men’s Fuel Cell Standard Issue Sunglasses Black One Size
  • Oakley Men’s Holbrook Infinite Hero Sunglasses Blue One Size
  • Oakley MPH Flak 2.0 Polarized Fashion Sunglasses Matte Heather
  • Oakley Men’s Gascan Sunglasses Gray One Size
  • Prescription Oakley Flak Beta (Asian Fit) Polished Black/Black/Silver Sunglasses – Unisex OO9372-0165

15 Mirror Sunglasses to make it look full

Graphic anatomy dubbed with a funky spirit, the sunglasses with “mirror effect” lenses have something to dazzle your summer. Zoom in on 15 models who plan to hit you in the eye.

A futuristic look, with sci-fi accents, carried by a graphic mount and metallic glasses that reflect the luminous rays: the pair of mirror glasses, determined to attract the looks, comes in several forms and tones. From the traditional aluminium grey to the most accustomed cobalt blue by way of the pink or, even more whimsical, the rainbow gradient… Here are some tips to show the most prominent accessory of the summer.

How to wear mirror effect sunglasses?

No need to get the big game out. The sunglasses with mirror effect glasses boost, by themselves, the most rudimentary of the outfits. Thus, the trifecta (winner) T-shirt Jean baskets will qualify the foil side of the sun. Alternatively, match them to a fluid, bohemian-inspired dress to come and heckle the romantic posture.

Summer’s flagship models

Still topical in 2017, the biggest brands Reinterpret, this season again, the sunglasses “mirror effect”.

The futuristic vision

This CHANEL Eyewear looks to the future with an avant-garde model, worn by geometric lines and mirror glasses with violet reflections. cheap oakley baseball sunglasses 90% off. In the same vein, the pair signed Retrosuperfuture adheres to this form of summer madness with an original mount, enhanced here by painted glasses of a seductive solar yellow.

The Retro Illusion

On the other hand, the models of Alexander McQueen, Linda Farrow and Cheap Monday go back in time: retro structure (round glass, butterfly shape or cat’s eye etc.) and funky palette worthy of the years 60. A perfect combination of technology and vintage charm.


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